We market a true ACA-compliant, non-HMO ObamaCare plan that lets you use the Mayo Clinic as an in-network provider. If access to the Mayo Clinic is important to you, contact us for all of the details. You are running out of time to apply, however. January 31 is the last day to apply for a plan (until and if President Trump changes things).

This is a PPO policy and gives you both in and out of network access. If absolute freedom of choice to choose your own medical providers is important to you, this may be the plan you’ve been looking for.
get access to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix Arizona
The plan has a deductible of $6,000 (and a total annual out-of-pocket of $7,150 like most all ObamaCare plans) and you have to meet that deductible before the insurance company begins to pay your medical bills. But from day one, you do get all the free annual exam events that ObamaCare allows, like colonoscopies, pap tests, immunizations, physical exams, etc.

The monthly premium rates are quite competitive, and the network of providers is huge. For a 50-year-old Maricopa county resident, the monthly premium is $520.For a 50-year-old Pima county resident, the monthly premium is $416. This plan is available in all Arizona counties.

The hospitals in Phoenix, Arizona that take this plan include the Abrazo chain, the Banner chain, the Mayo Clinic, St Luke’s, St Joe’s, Phoenix Children’s Hospital and many more. In Tucson, Arizona, the hospitals include the Carondelet chain, Tucson Medical Center, Banner University Oro Valley hospital and more.

Lehrman Group serves the health insurance needs of corporations, governments, municipalities, institutional clients, individuals and families in Arizona. Founded by Tony Lehrman in 1988, and online before Google, Lehrman Group maintains leadership positions in Arizona’s health insurance marketplace.

Call us at (623) 455-6997, extension 11 for more details.

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