Open Enrollment has ended for the 2019 Arizona ObamaCare Health Insurance plans, however…

Open Enrollment for the 2019 ObamaCare policy year ended on December 15, 2018 but you may still be able to apply for a plan. If you have a “special enrollment event,” fill out the form below to request health insurance rates for the 2019 ObamaCare policies. Special enrollment events include things like losing group or COBRA coverage during the past 60 days, moving to Arizona or getting married within the past 60 days and several more. Plus, there are other plan options that are NOT ObamaCare plans that you may purchase at any time during the year and you do not need a special enrollment event.

For the 2019 policy year, Arizona residents will finally have more than one choice for a plan – we will provide you with rates for all the better plans that will work for you. One of the plans is a true PPO plan which means you can use ANY doctor or hospital that you desire, anywhere in the country.

Complete this form to receive rates and descriptions via email, usually within one hour (all information you provide will stay in-house and will never be seen by anyone except Lehrman Group agents):

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