Want a low-cost health plan that gives you access to the doctors of your choice – no matter where you live in the USA? We offer high-quality health care sharing ministry plans from AlieraCare.

get access to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona
These plans are not subject to ObamaCare Open Enrollment dates, so you could purchase one of the plans any time during the year. The plans use the gigantic PHCS PPO network of medical providers nationwide (here is the search tool: www.phcs.com). This is America’s largest PPO network.

The lower priced policy is called AlieraCare – and it is a very smart choice if you don’t have pre-existing conditions that need to be covered from day one. They will pay for pre-existing conditions after you’ve been on the plan for 24 months. It has a “deductible” (which is also your maximum out of pocket financial limit) of $5,000 per year. They don’t call the deductible a deductible – they call it MSRA, for Member’s Shared Responsibility Amount.

You get free annual exams, as outlined by the ACA, after you’ve been on the plan for nine months. Primary practice doctor visits cost you $20 per visit. You pay $75 from day one for specialist visits. Emergency room visits cost you a maximum of $300 per visit from day one. Hospitalizations and in and out-patient surgery are all covered.

They will pay $5,000 per year toward normal maternity fees after you’ve been on the plan for 10 months (up to $10,000 for a caesarean, up to $50,000 for complications). The lifetime maximum they will pay for your medical bills is $1,000,000.

They will pay for surgeries after you’ve been on the plan for two months. Pre-existing conditions have a waiting period of 24 months (they have another plan that covers pre-ex conditions from day one). There is a one-time application fee of $125, most of which they give away to various charities and ministries. Click here to download the brochure: bit.ly/alieraCare.

If you want a very well-priced health plan with access to over 1,000,000 providers all across the USA, this may be the plan you’ve been waiting for. For someone aged 50, the monthly cost is just $409. For a 50-year-old with a wife and children, the monthly cost is just $789. You can see your rates and purchase this plan by simply going here.

Aliera Healthcare is a religious organization but they don’t limit applicants to any specific religion. Members are required to agree with Aleria’s Statement of Beliefs which says you believe in God, that you believe your personal rights and liberties come from God, that you believe it is a spiritual duty to help your fellow man, that you should maintain a healthy lifestyle, and that you have a fundamental right to direct your own healthcare in consultation with the doctors and advisors of your own choosing. These plans, while not considered insurance by state insurance commissioners, meet the ACA requirements and you will not face an ObamaCare tax penalty for having one of these plans — see bit.ly/healthshare1.

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