Affordable Medical Coverage for Individuals & Families

Want a health plan that gives you access to the doctors of your choice – no matter where you live in the USA? The plans use the gigantic PHCS PPO network of medical providers nationwide. This is America’s largest PPO network. We offer the high-quality health care sharing ministry plans from Aliera HealthCare. These are NOT discount or limited benefit plans. These plans are not subject to the Open Enrollment dates, so you could purchase one of the plans any time during the year.

The AlieraCare 5000 Premium plan:

  • About half the monthly cost of an ObamaCare plan
  • Almost every doctor and hospital in the USA accepts the plan
  • Pre-existing conditions covered immediately at your doctor’s office
  • Your maximum out of pocket hospital expense $5000 per year

The Unity HealthShare Gold plan:

  • Less expensive than an ObamaCare plan, and you will have access to the doctors of your choice
  • Pre-existing conditions covered immediately*
  • Annual out-of-pocket maximum as low as $3,000
  • * $20,000 per year during the first two years, up to $1,000,000 after the 24th month

The Aliera plans are quality affordable health plans recognized by the US government as Affordable Care Act plans and may be the perfect replacement for the current health insurance plan you are on now. The Aliera plans are less expensive than ObamaCare Marketplace plans and they give you access to the doctors of your own choosing.

Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Puerto Rico, Washington and Wyoming.

Phone: 800-600-9663

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